Microencapsulated Probiotics

In recent years, the term “probiotics” has become a health buzzword and there has been an explosion of equine feed supplements adding probiotics to their product lines.  What are they?  Probiotics are beneficial bacteria which favorably alter the intestinal micro-flora balance, encourage feed and ingredient utilization, support immune function, and maintain optimal health.

Microencapsulated ProbioticsBut . . . As we become increasingly aware of the growing importance of friendly intestinal flora and its benefits to a healthy gut, the survival of these live micro – organisms is crucial and must be considered too!

Micro-encapsulation is a process of enclosing the probiotics in very small sealed capsules from which the probiotic is released slowly by body heat employing an effective means of delivering the complex micro-flora to the digestive tract where it is best utilized.

With micro-encapsulation technology, Smooth Run Equine’s Health Products bonded with digestive enzymes are the key building blocks for all of our powerful formulas. They work to optimize the absorption of key ingredients in our equine special formulas for joint, mare, digestive (gastro), respiratory, calming, and our PRO blend for Competition horses with multiple needs.

The maintenance of a healthy micro-flora in the horses gut will help maintain general health, appearance, performance and temperament.