Smooth Run Plus



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A comprehensive nutritional supplement for optimal health and performance

Smooth Run Plus is specially formulated for horses with moderate to high intensity levels of activity or performance and for horses that may benefit from added joint support. Our Smooth Run Plus formulation blends microencapsulated probiotics, digestive enzymes and colostrum with amino acids, mushroom beta glucan, vitamins and minerals which work to support a balanced immune system. Fortified with glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, Yucca schidigera extract and ascorbic acid, our Smooth Run Plus supplement provides complete joint support to help keep horses healthy and feeling good.

Smooth Run Plus is formulated to:

  • Support a balanced immune system
  • Support a healthy digestive tract
  • Support nutrient absorption
  • Provide support against environmental toxins
  • Support joint and hoof integrity

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