Our Story

Our StoryHarnessing ‘Horsepower’ One Supplement at a Time

The Smooth Run Equine story began in 2001 when pro rider Linda Stenerson’s broodmare became ill after giving birth. As conventional treatments failed, the mare came close to death with the treating Vet advising her to put the mare down. A close friend discouraged this idea and instead, brought her a bag of bovine colostrum and probiotic powder created by microbiologist Dr. Jung Fu Wu. To their amazement, within three months the mare was standing tall and had regained her health and weight and her foal was thriving. Stenerson was so impressed with the improvements in her mare’s health that she wanted to meet the man behind this miracle product. Stenerson met with Dr. Wu to learn more about his all-natural, immunity-modulating ingredients and this lead to a partnership and the official launch of Smooth Run Equine.

Today Smooth Run Equine continues to offer innovative equine supplements that support optimal health and performance in horses of all stages of life through a unique Immunity Positioning System (IPS).  In 2014, Smooth Run Equine was acquired by MicroBasics, Inc., a market leader in animal nutrition and immune health. MicroBasics combines the best of animal science, nutrition and technology to develop the most advanced natural products available today, so adding Smooth Run Equine to their portfolio of products was an ideal fit for both companies. Learn more about MicroBasics.