JumpingJumping is among one of the most stressful sports for horses, where they must absorb a great deal of shock to their legs and joints during takeoffs and landings. Sprains, torn ligaments, sore joints are not uncommon for jumpers. These equine athletes are also prone to arthritis later in life due to the repetitive stress they endure over the years.

Whether your horse is participating in show jumping, the steeplechase or fox hunting, Smooth Run Equine supplements can up boost the performance of your horse by supporting a balanced immune system which in turns lets your horse feel better and therefore perform better.

If your horse is involved in these types of events, consider using:

Smooth Run PRO our “all in one” supplement helps to support and maintain a balanced immune system which is the foundation for a good healthy horse. Smooth Run Pro contains high levels of probiotics, digestive enzyme, colosturm which helps support gastrointestinal health and improves nutrient absorbs which is key to a horse performing at this level. In addition joint support, respiratory support and aid in recovery are all a benefits your horse will realize when using Smooth Run Pro.

Smooth Run Plus to aid digestive health and boost a body’s natural immunity system, support joint and tissue repair, help with breathing issues, reduce the risk of digestive colic common in show horses, and enhance the recovery time following strenuous competitions.

Smooth Run Breathe to assist with respiratory issues than can flare up when a horse is unusually stressed or ingesting air pollutants and potential allergens especially common with traveling and frequent changes in environments.