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Does your horse have colic or gastro distress?

If your horse suffers from chronic gastrointestinal distress and/ or is prone to colicing we recommend Smooth Run Gastro to help restore and support gastro health and improve nutrient absorption. If your horse is experiencing acute symptoms of gastro distress, we also recommend using Smooth Run Challenge. Smooth Run Challenge provides an added concentration of key supplement ingredients such as 100% bovine colostrums with propline rich polypeptides (PRP) and mushroom beta glucans, both of which aid in supporting a balance immune system.

Does your horse have any chiropractic issues such as sore hocks, joint problems, sore back, compromised hoof health etc.?

If your horse suffers from various chiropractic issues we recommend using Smooth Run Pro, which contains high levels of glucosamine, chrondroiton, MSM, Boswellia serrata extract and zinc, which when combined, offer your horse relief from aches and pains. Your horse will realize the full benefits from these joint support ingredients as joints, tissues, muscles and carotene in the hoofs are strengthened and restored. Smooth Run Pro also contains high levels of colostrums which is proven to aid in the absorption of glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate etc.

Does your horse experience allergies, skin sensitivities, a chronic cough, hives?

For symptoms of allergies we recommend using Smooth Run Breathe, which is specifically formulated to restore and support the respiratory system. Once symptoms appear to be under control we recommend using Smooth Run Pro which also contains these same healing and support elements in addition to supporting a balance immune system which is key in managing the long term symptoms associated with allergies.

Does your horse suffer from or prone to developing ulcers?

If your horse suffers from / or is prone to developing ulcers we recommend using Smooth Run Gastro , which improves nutrient absorption and supports the healing and health of the gastrointestinal tract. If your horse is experiencing acute problems we recommend incorporating our Smooth Run Challenge product, which provides an increased concentration of 100% bovine colostrum containing Proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs), and mushroom beta glucan. These key ingredients promote and maintain immune balance, helping to heal the stomach lining and prevent reoccurrence of ulcers. For ongoing immune support we recommend incorporating one of our daily supplements such as Smooth Run Pro, Plus or Prime into your horse’s daily nutritional program.

Do you have a moody or hormonal mare?

Smooth Run Mare is specifically formulated to help balance, hormones in mares; helps relieve symptoms of mood swings, crankiness, irritability and stress. Smooth Run Mare also helps with focus and calmness during natural cycles and periods of stress. This product is not recommended for pregnant or mares in season.

Does your horse have challenges staying focused?

Smooth Run Plus Calming contains all the ingredients of our Smooth Run Plus supplement with the added benefits obtained from (valerian root and chamomile flower. Incorporating Smooth Run Plus Calming into your horse’s daily regimen will help your horse to remain focused and calm during periods of stress. Smooth Run Plus Calming is our customer’s first choice during periods of travel and at times when their horses are undergoing medical treatments for stress management. It is best to consult with your veterinarian before using any calming product. Valerian root and chamomile flower are not approved for use in some competitive venues.  Please check with your show officials for specific restrictions.

If my horse is on medication what supplement should I use?

Any time a horse is on medication it is highly recommended that you add a high quality probiotic, digestive enzyme and colostrum supplement to your horse’s diet to help support healing and to promote a healthy digestive system during and post treatment. Each of our daily supplements contains a combination of all these ingredients: Smooth Run Pro and Plus offer the highest levels of these concentrated ingredients followed by Smooth Run Prime. In addition to helping with gastrointestinal health all of our supplements help support and maintain a balanced immune system, which is paramount ensuring your horse is healthy and happy.